One of the greatest thrills a hiker can have is to walk or climb a via ferrata, the “iron paths” of the mountains. Traveling on a via ferrata is a different way of enjoying the sheer magnificence of the rocks, providing access to places normally reserved for rock climbers and mountaineers. In this awesome mountain environment, you will be stopped in your tracks by amazing views, from a perspective that few have the opportunity to experience. Experience the excitement of mountaineering within a safe and controlled environment. With a proper system of routes, devices and an experienced trainer to guide you, Via Ferrata climbing allows anyone to experience the exciting challenges of this sport under the safest of conditions.



Length: 1500 meters elevation: 690 meters tour time: 3-4 hours difficulty: 5/2 peak height: 2600 meters

Mangart is Slovenia’s fourth highest mountain and is very popular during the summer months due to its convenient access. Namely, the Mangart road (Slovenia’s highest road) takes you above 2000 altitude meters just below Mangart’s rocky summit pyramid. It is the only half day tour gives a magnificient view and easy climbing for the lovers of Via-Ferrata.

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One Day 139 € 99 €



Elevation: 722 meters tour time: 3-4 hours difficulty: 5/3 peak height: Mala Mojstrovka 2333 meters

The panoramic Mt. Mala Mojstrovka is (thanks to Vršič mountain pass) one of the most quickly accessible and consequently most visited 2000-meter peaks in the central Julian Alps. Two very different paths lead to it: the ‘normal’ path from the south is rather easy and runs across vast scree-slopes whereas the path across the north wall of Mala Mojstrovka is a very difficult secured climbing route (via-ferrata). Less experienced hikers should pick the southern path both for ascent as well as descent. But for experienced mountaineers, used to steel cables and precipices the described circular tour is a real treat.

period price Special Package Price
One Day 129 € 99 €