Rafting is a popular type of outdoor sport, an exciting aquatic adventure that can be enjoyed by individuals of all skill levels with proper guiding and instruction. White water rafting uses specialized rubber rafts that are very sturdy and flexible. These rafts can accommodate a wide range of people, depending on need and build, although eight to ten individuals is a standard number. All the rafters have paddles, which are used to guide and propel the raft through the water. With a trained guide, it is possible to have a raft with only one or two experienced people and a crew of novices, depending on the difficulty of the waters being rafted. The excitement in white water rafting comes from the white water, a term referring to the level of turbulence in the river, or rapids. White water can be caused by changes in elevation to the riverbed, rocks or other obstacles in the water, and flow from snow melt and rain.



As the snow melts the water level of the beautiful river Soča grows. This is the shallowest, but navigable section of our 3 rafting tours. Its name comes from a bunker of World War I and our tour starts from here along the valley near Bovec and ends at the banks of Cezsoca.

period price Special Package Price
Half Day 39 € 39 €



We offer the Cezsoca-Boka section for novice rafters. The Soca river is quite calm here with less rocks and an amazing emerald colour of the water.

Period price Special Package Price
Half Day (Family with children) 35 € 35 €
Half Day (Children) 25 € 25 €



It’s a real tricky section. We mainly offer this tour for experienced rafters. The tour guides’ task is to steer the boat and control the crew members. So be aware of the captains orders because there is a lot to do! The adrenalin boost is guaranteed!

period price Special Package Price
Half Day 39 € 39 €