Kayaking is a watersport that involves paddling using a double-bladed oar and a small boat known as a kayak. The boats come in a variety of sizes and types, depending on their intended use, but most kayaks feature an enclosed deck that covers the legs. The boat sits low in the water and usually only accommodates a single paddler, but tandem kayaks hold two people. Kayaking is a versatile sport that can be done in practically any body of water and is easily pared with other activities. Different kayaks are designed to handle specific conditions. Some are made for taking on white water courses. Rivers are popular spots for kayaking and due to the different types, everyone from beginners to experts can enjoy the sport. The beginner-friendliness and the epic challenges are a few of the reasons people kayak, but there are several others. Whether you’re looking to take in the sights in a distinctive way or you’re looking to get a low-impact workout, kayaking has something to offer everyone.

Beginner – Cezsoca


Besides the experience close to nature Kayaking’s main aim is to avoid falling into the water. There are more and less stable kayaks. O, n this tour we provide the most stable ones. First you must go through a fast training about safety, how to hold your body, what to do in different situations and the usage of obligatory equipment. After that we slowly but surely conquer the emerald river!

period price Special Package Price
Half Day 66 € 66 €

Expert – Golobar


As you can see from its name, this tour is for experienced kayakers. Our advanced guests come back year after year to this section of the river to experience the adrenaline shock through the unique rapids, loops among the wonderful rocks of Soča!

period price
One Day 96 €